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Tervetuloa Proffesional Grow:n kotisivuille!

Professional Grow on ruotsalainen kasvatustarvike myymälä ja Grow Shop. Tarjoamme asiakkaillemme kilpailukykyiset hinnat ja takaa korkean laadun tuotteita joita ei välttämättä löydy muilta pohjoismaalaisilta vähittäismyyjiltä.

Welcome to Professional Grow!

Professional Grow has been in business since 2011. Our goal has from the very beginning been to become the most priceworthy growshop in Scandinavia! Our customers is our greatest asset and we put quality and customer satisfaction first! 

Please take a look at our products to find the best deal for you and don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything you would like to enquire about.

For our foreign customers who make orders outside of Sweden, we offer credit card payments and  prepayments to our Swedbank account.

We only have an internetshop, but all our clients are more than welcome to pick up their order in person at our warehouse in Arlandastad, about 5km from Arlanda airport.

BAT Cooltube 125mm
589 SEK489 SEK
BAT Cooltube 155mm
849 SEK749 SEK
Canna Terra Professional Plus maaperä 50L
Canna Terra Professional maaperä 50L

86 109 SEK68 800 SEK

129 SEK89 SEK
Hesi Supervit 50 ml
219 SEK199 SEK
Hesi Supervit 100 ml
355 SEK329 SEK
Canna Rhizotonic 0,5L
275 SEK199 SEK
Gavita Digistar E-serie 600W
2 599 SEK2 199 SEK
Gavita Digistar E-serie Kit 600W
Calitek Pro CMH Bloom 3200°K 630W KIT
5 999 SEK4 999 SEK
Professional Grow LED  simpukka  645W
21 999 SEK19 999 SEK
GreenCeption 8 Set Bar 560W
24 333 SEK21 900 SEK
 Lumatek 600W Cooltube KIT
2 599 SEK2 399 SEK
Gavita 1000W Pro Classic
Gavita Digistar 1000W Sähköinen KIT
5 499 SEK4 499 SEK
Metrop MR1 1L
399 SEK299 SEK
Metrop MR1 5L
1 399 SEK999 SEK
Äänenvaimennin (160mm - 60cm)
AeroFlo 28
6 899 SEK5 519 SEK