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Good news! We can now offer our private delivery all the way to Oslo and closeby cities in Norway!
We clear and declare the goods in advance. Minimum order is 3500 SEK and free shipping for all orders over 10 000kr.
We travel to Norway every 7-10 days.

Posten Restante near the Norwegian border
You can make an order with the alternative Posten Restante to Strömstad, or another town near the Norwegian border. Take the advantage of the offer with 95kr in shipping no matter how much you buy.
Please note that when you order with Posten Restante we are not able to offer the payment method cash on delivery due to the risk of returned packages. 
We therefore kindly ask our Norwegian customers to pre-pay with a credit card at Payson.

We currently have a offer with 10% discount to all customers who pick up their order themselves. 
You can collect your package at our main warehouse in Märsta, 40 km north of Stockholm. 
When choose this alternative you can either call us or e-mail us your order, although we prefer that you send us an e-mail at: info@professionalgrow.com
Number: +468 559 25493

Delivery to a city near the Norwegian border
For larger orders we can provide a delivery made by our own driver. There after you can transport your goods to Norway and declare them to the Norwegian Customs if the purchase exceeds 3000 SEK. In case you leave Norway for more than 24 hours you are permitted to bring goods up to 6000 SEK without being obliged to declare the goods.