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Placing an order with us
You have to be 18 years of age or have parental consent to place an order with us.

All prices is incl. VAT 25%. No other taxes or fees will be added.

In Sweden you will have your package within 1-3 working days. In Finland you'll have the package within 4-5 working days. Deliveries to Norway are made with our own driver, we go to Oslo every 7-10 days or so. If your product is not in stock we will get it to you within 2 weeks and we will also notify you that the product is out of stock.

In Sweden we send our packages with Schenker, DHL or our own driver. If you choose to get your package delivered to your post office you will recieve a text notification. In Finland we send our packages with Schenker, it will be delivered to your post office and you will recieve a letter notification.

Terms of payment
You can pay by card, make a pre-payment to our account or pay with cash upon delivery in Sweden.
For Norway and Finland we offer payment by card or pre-payment.

Transportation damages
Always go through your delivery and inspect your products upon recieving the package. If anything is broken or damaged, notify us by mail with photos of the damages. You have to contact us within 48 hours from the moment you recieve the package. It is also of utmost importance that you save the packaging and carton if anything is broken since everything is going through an inspection. If the packaging, carton etc. is not saved, you won't get any replacement/ compensation.

We have 1 year warranty on our products for all customers unless otherwise specified.
Repetitive strain injury and consumable items are not included in the warranty. For low energy/CFL lights, HPS and MH bulbs we offer a 6 month warranty counting from the day you recieve the product.

Always contact us before you send anything back. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs that comes with the warranty exchange. The invoice has to be attached and the product has to be in its original package.

Is something missing? In that case you have to contact us within 48h counting from when you recieved the package. If you notify us any later than that we will not be able to compensate you.
We therefore ask you to check the package as soon as possible when you get it.

Right of withdrawal 14 days
In agreement to the law of distance contracts you as a customer have the right to cancel a purchase within 14 days after you have received it and without specific reason. Provided that the product and the product carton is unchanged, i.e unused and not destroyed or damaged. Professional Grow follows the law of distance contracts. The customer has to pay all shipping expenses in full when using the right of withdrawal during the first 14 days. We will repay you the value of the products, not shipping expenses.

  • Announce to Professional Grow that you want to use your right of withdrawal and return the product within 14 days after you received your order.
  • The merchandise must be in the same state as when recieved, ie unused, not destroyed or damaged.
  • Return the product in the product box with the intended packaging.

Please note! When using the right of withdrawal Professional Grow debits the customer the actual cost for shipping, packaging and a handling fee per package sent to the customer. 
This is to cover the costs we've

Cash on delivery shipments that goes unclaimed will be seen as using the right of withdrawal, handling fee 200 SEK. Unpaid fees for returns are sent to a collection agency.

We also want to make our customers aware that in order to be able to use the right of withdrawal all goods must be brand new and never used.
We're unable to sell used products and therefore we can not accept used or "tested" products in return.

We can not offer our customers the right of withdrawal on custom ordered/custom built products like Aero Flo, Alien Hydroponic systems or GHE DPS systems.