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The philosophy behind Gold Label Nutrients is simple: Use the best possible professional ingredients and make it adaptable to every style of growing. Gold Label Nutrients are specifically developed to work best with Special Mix substrates, but can also be used on other brands substrates.

Base nutrients

  • Gold Label Soil for peat and compost based mediums

  • Gold Label Coco for Coco mediums

  • Gold Label Hydro for grows on inert hydroponics substrates such as clay pebbles, rock wool, glass wool, mapito etc.

The basis of every line is a two component A/B base nutrient with balanced micro elements, chelated Fe and added Ca.
Each of the base nutrients have a different formula: For the hydro nutrients for example almost all the added micro elements are chelated, enabling them to be be effective in a wider pH range and readily available for the plants.

Throughout the three lines we use just 4 additives:

  • Gold Label Roots

  • Gold Label Ultra Mg

  • Gold Label Ultra PK

  • Gold Label Enzymes

With these added components you are able to give your crop exactly what it needs in every development stage.

  • Gold Label Roots is a root stimulator that is made of extracts of humic acid and kelp with added amino acids. We recommend to add Gold Label roots untill the third week flowering, 0,5 ml/l

  • Gold Label Ultra Mg is a magnesium additive based on Magnesium Nitrate. It not only adds Mg but also some extra N. For well fertilized substrates we recommend to start using it in flowering, building to 0,5 ml.l in week 3 flowering. For hydro mediums we recommend to start using it 0,25 ml/l max from week 2.

  • Gold Label Ultra PK is a PK booster made of ultra PK elements with added chelated micro elements and citric acid. Use the Ultra PK very moderate, only 0,5 ml/l starting in week 5, ending a week or 2 weeks before harvest.

  • Gold Label enzymes is a highly concentrated natural enzyme additive to keep your soil clean and your roots growing. Use it once per week or continuously in a small dosage, and use it when flushing your substrate.