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The Gavita E-series is the worlds smartest grow light, it will help you succeed with your growing!
Did you know that 95% of all problems that you get with your grow is caused by too low/high temperature and humidity?
A lot of light does not always mean big yield if the environment for your plants is wrong.

With Gavitas new E-series ballasts and the Gavita Master Controller you can easily adjust the temperature and humidity in your grow space to be able to maximize your yield.
Gavita Master Controller has a sensor for temperature and will dimmer down your lights with a certain percentage depending on the temperature in your grow room.
If you set the controller to keep a temperature of 25 degrees in your room and the heat goes up, the Gavita Master Controller will dimmer down your lights to be able to keep the 25 degrees that you want. If the temperature goes down below 25 degrees, the Gavita Master Controller will dimmer up your lights to stabilize the temperature. 

With Gavita Master Controller EL1 you can control a room with up to 40 lights.
With Gavita Master Controller EL2 you can control 2 rooms with up to 40 lights in each that switch with each other, 12/12. On EL2 you also have a relay so you can split your electricity on 2 grow rooms. This way you can put twice as many lights up and still use the same amount of electricity. 
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Gavita Master Controller is the new, intelligent control that will help you suceed with your...
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